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International Sports Hall of Fame 2021 at the Olympia

Action on Film MegaFest 2021

The Action on Film AOF MegaFest International Film Festival comprised 13 combined Festivals & writers competitions with over 800 movies being judged for awards, was recently held in Las Vegas.

Thousands of attendees comprised of the Hollywood Elite, Celebs, Martial Arts Action Stars and VIPs were present during course of the week, culminating with the ICON Awards & Legendary Stunt Awards MC/Hosted by Dr Robert Goldman for the 3rd year in a row.

Big congrats and thanks to organizers Del & Theresa Weston, Award co-hosts Anabelle Munro & Harry Mok and great support staff like Ashley Reuter.

Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend 2021

The Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend in Orlando was a fantastic event with close to 30,000 in attendance.

Huge congrats to all the athletes and owner Jake Wood, Olympia President Dan Solomon, IFBB Professionals President Jim Manion, VP Tyler Manion & Head Judge Steve Weinberger & Chief Women's Judge Sandy Williamson.

It was great to host our International Sports Hall of Fame (www.SportsHOF.org) for the first time at this event. Super to see the gang again.