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Olympia Sports Fitness Weekend 2022

Olympia Sports Fitness Weekend 2022 was a huge hit with 10,000 attendees enjoying the latest in fitness. The highlight was the intense fitness competition where athletes of all ages competed for the coveted trophy, showing strength and skill. Attendees were also inspired by a keynote speech from fitness icon Arnold Schwarzenegger, who spoke passionately about the benefits of fitness for health and happiness. The crowd cheered with a standing ovation.

2022 A4M LongevityFest World Congress

The largest Longevity, Anti-Aging Congress ever held - the 30th Anniversary Annual A4M World Congress, drew thousand of medical specialists from around the world and over 500,000 sq ft of exhibits lecture halls with top level medical presentations at the Venetian Las Vegas Dec 11-13, 2022.

GM Harry Mok Celebration of Life at Martial Arts History Museum

Packed house at Martial Arts History Museum for Grand Master Harry Mok's Celebration of Life. GM Harry was one of my closest friends and a gem of a person who lit up the room and his charisma was off the charts...Everyone was always thrilled to see him, so this is a huge loss for the Martial Arts community and the world. We were honored to have his whole family in attendance, as well as the 'A' list of the martial arts community. Sly Stallone gave a heartfelt message as they worked together on numerous movies. This is the first time I had ever hosted such an event, but worth all the hard work and planning. It was one of the largest events ever held at the MA Museum. Big thanks to Museum Founder Michael Matsuda and Kitty Pleasant for overseeing the catering and organization. We all miss Grand Master Mok terribly, but are so honored and lucky to have had him in our lives.

Fantastic event!

Mega Martial Arts Weekend 2022

Action Mega Martial Arts Hall of Honors 2022 was the 21st Anniversary and was the biggest and best event ever with thousands of Grand Master Martial Artists gathering from around the world. 

Gurudev Sri Ravi Shankar Private Spiritual event

We all had a fantastic time with the World Famous Guru, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, who has over 450 million followers and has had a remarkable journey.
All of us, in particular, were delighted to meet and chat with him, after nearly three years.

I was blessed to spend 10 days with him and his staff at the 'Art of Living' facility in Boone, NC and then travelled to Los Angeles, CA, where the 'Art of Living' Foundation is located, to attend the 40th anniversary party.

To better understand the global influence of this incredible Guru, several years ago he sponsored the largest gathering of people in human history for a single occasion. Three million people attended his cultural festival.

GM Samuel Kwok Martial Arts History Museum Day

Happy Grand Master Samuel Kwok's Martial Arts History Museum Day... It was a true lifetime event for the legends in the Martial Arts. I had mine about five years ago.

Great Grand Master Ernie Reyes Sr 75th Gala Celebration

Amazing weekend honoring Great Grand Master Ernie Reyes Sr, 75th Birthday. He is one of the greatest Martial Arts legends whose legacy is the mentorship of many thousands around the world, with over 35 schools and hundreds of Black Belt Disciples

He was a recent 2021 ICON Awardee and inducted in the International Sports Hall of Fame. The Black Belt workshops were a blast and the evening performances were off the hook!!. Many World Champions and legends were in attendance to honor him such as Billy Blanks (World Karate Champ), Cris Cyborg (UFC World Champ) and too many other VIP notables to count.

DragonFest 2022-Martial Arts festival-Martial Arts History Museum

DragonFest 2022 was off the charts. It has been a number of years since this annual event was live supporting the Martial Arts History Museum founded by GM Michael Matsuda and it was a grand occasion for heroes, legends, icons and film stars to unite.

Great Grand Master Ernie Reyes Sr visit to Dr Bob's in Montana

It was an honour to have the Great Grand Master Ernie Reyes Sr and his wife Marge visit my Montana compound. Photo in the home gym and trophy room. GGM Ernie Reyes Sr is a legendary figure and an International Sports Hall of Fame inductee and recipient of the SPORTS ICON Award.