October 7, 2016

Genetic Freak meta-human verified again. Had the most advanced 3 Tesla MRI scan done and turns out despite years of combative sports, multiple head strikes, several concussions and decades of competitive Martial Arts MMA, Wrestling. Football, etc, my brain shows no white spots or significant atrophy. Karl Hussman, MD, the Yale- trained neuroradiologist who performed my Whole Body Screen, said that a normal study despite multiple brain injuries is so unique (based on thousands of trauma cases he has reviewed) that I likely have neuroprotective genes which warrant scientific study. Once again folks, a freakish mutation may explain my ability to go long periods without sleep, food and multiple consecutive international flights unaffected. Hussman is a genius, and is the only one in the USA (to my knowledge) performing NeuroQuant and whole body "diffusion" MRI cancer screening (no radiation or injection) with accuracy comparable to a PET scan.,



#DrBobGoldman, #DrRobertGoldman, #MaritalArts, #A4M, #AmericanAcademyofAntiAgingMedicine, #Antiaging, #AntiagingMedicine, #longevity, #MRI,#MRIScan

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August 27, 2018

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